TCHOPE ICONThe original logo was created using markers, crayons, and poster board.  The girls came up with idea for the logo with inspiration coming from the following ideas:

1. The green house represents a home for the homeless.

2. The yellow smiley face is to make the homeless feel happy and joyful.

3. The red heart represents the love and care for the homeless and people in need.

4. The yellow border represents the light of Jesus Christ shining through in all that we do.

The three crosses were later added to the design to represent the three Calvary Crosses.  The largest cross represents the cross Jesus was crucified on.  We believe Jesus was a servant leader, who ultimately died for our sins.  The two other crosses on each side of the largest cross represent the two thieves, who were crucified along with Jesus at Calvary.  The two thieves represent those in need and everyone we are trying to help and serve.

The graphic design was created by TC Hope Team friend, Amy Montabana.

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